About Us

UncommonlySmartHR is owned and operated by the attorneys at The AR Group, LLP, a law firm dedicated to servicing the unique needs of small and emerging business clients. As a small business ourselves, we understand that difficult choices have to be made in managing our businesses. In this context we appreciate that people management is sometimes relegated to the same status as paper management and not always given the priority that today’s increasingly litigious and regulated realm warrants. After all, as business owners, we are generally focused on driving revenue and growing our business, not driving culture and growing people.  The reality is, however, that not many (if any) business can actually drive revenue or grow without increasingly relying on people.  We have created a service solution designed to help small business clients continue to focus on doing what they do best while leveraging our skills and experience to create the right HR foundation upon which you can truly build your business, with the right people and processes solidly in place. 

Welcome to a new and Uncommonly Smart approach to Human Capital Management!  At UncommonlySmartHR, we are staffed with attorneys and para professionals, many of whom are also certified by HRCI as SPHR or PHR qualified.  Our team also includes attorneys and non attorneys certified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as qualified Independent Investigators.  We are not your typical HR consulting firm. We bring years of sophisticated but practical HR compliance experience to bear and work hard to make a material difference in the success of your operation. 

Let the Team at UncommonlySmartHR.com serve as your dedicated HR partner. 

Victoria Aguilar
Managing Partner
The AR Group, LLP
d/b/a UncommonlySmartHR